Workshop in 2022

DataSpaces and Semantic Interoperability

Vienna University of Economics, Vienna, Austria
3rd of June 2022,
09.00 – 16.30pm CEST

Outcomes and results

The outcomes and results of these break-outs were presented and discussed in the plenary with all participants – the main objective of this activity was to identify and specify existing gaps regarding (semantic) interoperability in data spaces – with the following 5 major results of identified gaps:​

  • Interoperability is seen often on metadata level ONLY (what about the data?)​

  • If such resources are available these resources not available in other languages than English​

  • No industry specific controlled vocabularies & Knowledge Graphs are in place

  • Insufficient data usage control mechanisms (right-, value-, purpose modeling)

  • Connection of the physical and digital world still missing​​

Workshop organizers

Speakers at the Workshop

Achille Zappa


As follows all presentations of the workshop

A Key Enabler for Good Quality Distributed Usage Control

Gonzalo Gil
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AR-Science: From Raw Text Data to Structured Semantic Representation

Florina Piroi, Linda Andersson
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Data search and discovery in language data spaces: challenges and solutions

Stelios Piperidis
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Smart Dispatcher for Secure and Controlled sharing of Distributed Personal and Industrial Data

Anelia Kurteva, Amar Tauqeer, Anna Fensel
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Start with an identifier

Phil Archer
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i3-MARKET Project: Design Principles supporting the Creation of Tools for the Interoperability of European Digital Data Spaces and Marketplaces

Dr. Achille Zappa
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Data Spaces vs Knowledge Graphs

Vladimir Alexiev
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The “AluTrace” Use Case: Harnessing Lightweight Design Potentials via the Materials Data Space®

Martin Huschka
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Simple Data Sharing Approach

Natascha Totzler
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Configuring data Spaces Connectors with Vocabularies

Wouter Van Den Berg
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Welcome at WU

Axel Polleres
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Concepts and Technology for Building Data Spaces: IDS and Gaia-X

Christoph Lange
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Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability

Sabrina Kirrane
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