Workshop of SEMANTiCS 2023 conference

Interoperability in Data Spaces II – Use Cases, Tooling, Governance

Hyperion Hotel, Leipzig, Germany
20th of September 2023,
09.00 – 16.30pm CEST

Outcomes and results

You can access the actual results  via this link.​

Collection of main Results and Statements Gaps and Requirements for Interoperability in Data Spaces

  • Legal services for Data Spaces as a horizontal

  • These vocabs, policies etc need to be persistent & referenceable

  • Registry of vocabularies (multilingual, industry-specific)

  • More comprehensive Documentation

  • Registry of policies (data usage control policies)

  • Clearly defined Governance Models

  • Reference Implementation

Workshop organizers


As follows all presentations of the workshop

DataBri-X - Interoperability WS Semantics 2023 WKD

Anke Losch, Christian Dirschl
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Nature FIRST Interoperability Talk - SEMANTiCS 2023

Albin Ahmeti, Robert David
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Towards Usage Policy Enforcement in Dataspaces

Andreas Krimbacher, Sebastian Neumaier, Tobias Dam
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Linked Data Schema Repositories for Interoperable Data Spaces  

Simon Stier
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